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Islamic Student Weathers Stereotyping

Sophomore Hadeel Huwaish sits on the link stairs, surrounded by her friends during A Lunch on Jan. 5. At times, Huwaish feels like she is the “odd one out” because of her Islamic faith. Photo by Lauren Gray, photo illustration by Evan Hughes   By Josh Farmer The media has recently featured numerous news stories…
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Music Lovers Pocket Libraries With Streaming

Seniors Martin Heino (left) Alyssa Haworth (center) and Arin Barber show their various ways of listening to music. Martin Heino collects his music while Arin Barber only streams hers, but Alyssa Haworth streams and collects her music. Photo by Joshua Farmer   By Samantha Church Kids that were once used to going to the library…
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Red Mug Art Showing

Monica Soland, a Superior High School alumni puts a tag beneath a piece at Red Mug  on Tuesday, June 30. Photo by James Minor   If you want a coffee while viewing some art created by your fellow high schoolers, the Red Mug Coffee House will be your best bet. A group of 11 artists ranging…
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Lights, Camera, Action

  By Shane Petrovich   Last year I witnessed Junior Morgan Kelleher handle one of the most stressful experiences backstage, but she responded with authority and professionalism. Two crew members were under a lot of stress from the production and argued the ethics of set moving. Kelleher took the initiative to use her command over the backstage crew…
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Spartan Fiesta Art Gallery