Islamic Student Weathers Stereotyping

Sophomore Hadeel Huwaish sits on the link stairs, surrounded by her friends during A Lunch on Jan. 5. At times, Huwaish feels like she is the “odd one out” because of her Islamic faith. Photo by Lauren Gray, photo illustration by Evan Hughes   By Josh Farmer The media has recently featured numerous news stories…
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Science Fair

Freshman Mary Jillson presents her science project to George Lehman at Superior High School on April 1. The high school holds the science fair every year for freshmen and sophomores. (Photo by Rylee Powell)

‘League Of Legends’ Lands Newest Olympic Spot

By Sunmi Famule “League of Legends,” a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, could possibly be joining the list of unique Olympic sports, such as trampolining, live pigeon shooting and fast walking, as early as the year 2020. After the United States decided to allow LOL players to be considered athletes, the International Olympic Committee is considering…
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Archers Shoot For Nationals

By Holden Willmore Archery Club is hard at work preparing for the state tournament in hopes of qualifying for a return to the national tournament. The club practices after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and is coached by science teachers Bill Reynolds and Pete Conley. Some members participate in invitational tournaments held by other schools.…
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Science Wing Goes Green With Fish Farm

By Madison Newman If things start to smell a little fishy in the halls in the coming months, administrators will know where to look. The Advanced Placement Biology class is developing an aquaponics setup in their classroom. Aquaponics is a system of agriculture with the goal of using the waste products of fish as fertilizer…
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